How to make your sound/your music stand out #2

How to make your sound/your music stand out” Every genre has its must-play hits-of-the-moment that land in DJ sets across the globe. This is especially true during summer when a crush of anthems comes down the pike. This makes it easy to go after the low hanging fruit of building a seemingly crowd-pleasing set selected exclusively from the latest charts. The sets practically build themselves that way.

The problem is that by the middle of the season, every live set from every DJ at every club starts to sound the same. That’s your time to stand out. Pull out some standards from summers past. Spin up a deep track from the moment’s chart-topping producer that has not made the radar of the masses yet. Bust out something hot from an entirely different genre remixed into yours. Better yet, mash these together with whatever the currently overplayed anthem is to create something new and uniquely you.

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