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Anonymous Studios is located in sunny Burbank, California., minutes away from some of entertainment’s most celebrated film studios, sound stages, and record labels.

We take the student experience outside of the classroom through unmatched educational opportunities, including industry Q&As, weekly office hours and instructor support around external projects.

Having worked with the likes of Brillz, Tommie Sunshine, Vice, BBC Radio1 and Doc Martin, our team of seasoned professionals offers students practical, industry knowledge in a one-on-one setting. Our four-month program mixes in-person lectures, trusted written materials, compelling video tutorials and personalized tests to ensure all Anonymous graduates are show-ready.

In addition to a tailored educational experience, Anonymous LA graduates leave as lifetime members of the program – affording them with studio access, a variety of continuing education opportunities and alumni programs.

A main focus at our studios is the vibe. Not only does the music, the instructors and students bring it, but it’s also in our atmosphere. Anonymous studios will put you in the creative mood with ambient lighting, vibrant colors and inspirational artwork all in an elaborate, spacious environment. All of our walls are sound proofed and felted to give a tight sound and comfortable feel.

You don’t need to sign up for classes to enjoy our studios; you can also book studio time.

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